Our bakery suppliers produce delicious, authentic breads, which have the added convenience of ‘home bake’ and longer life. The varieties we offer include: soft, pre-baked rolls and buns, crusty ‘bake at home’ part baked breads.

All breads within our comprehensive range are longer life so ensure that the retailer need never run out of this essential food item, whatever the occasion. Customers can enjoy the sensation of freshly baked bread, whenever they want it.


Part Baked

Demi Baguettes
Petits Pains
Rustic Stone Baked

Soft Rolls

White Rolls
Brown Rolls
Finger Rolls
Toasting Teacakes

Burger Buns

Burger Buns
Seeded Burger Buns
Large Burger Buns
Hot Dog Rolls

Chilled Flatbreads

Garlic & Cheese Flatbread
Tomato & Cheese Flatbread

Viennoise and Others

Viennoise Baguettes & Rolls
Swedish Polar Breads
Sliced Breads