Rye Breads

Our Baker Street Rye Breads have been developed to meet the needs of consumers looking for a healthy choice that also delivers on texture and flavour. Both rye breads are a source of fibre, stone baked, made with a sourdough starter and dairy free.

The rye breads are packaged in a consumer friendly style bag, which is easy to reseal and keep for longer and are loaf shaped to make them more convenient for sandwiches and snacking.

The rye breads are available in two variants. Rye and Wheat and Seeded Rye.

Why not try our rye and wheat bread with crushed avocado, a squeeze of lime juice and chopped fresh coriander. Then top with cooked king prawns marinated in garlic and dressed with pea shoots or watercress.

Or our seeded rye bread with lemon mayonnaise, baby gem lettuce leaves, sliced cooked chicken breast and flakes of Parmesan.

rye and ceaser Rye and Wheat 02